Why DefCan?

Why DefCan? Let us explain. First of all, we are all definitely Deaf. Therefore, Def. Secondly, many people think that Deaf people cannot function normally, or don’t really understand Deafness. We are here to say that we are capable, that we are fully able to do whatever we want… that we Can. Thus, DefCan.

What Does DefCan Do?

Our primary mission is to provide employment for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

100% of our staff and contractors use American Sign Language to communicate. 98% of them are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Our secondary mission is to expose the Washington DC community to Deafness, American Sign Language, and the beauty of the local community.

We do this by employing Deaf artisans to create different illustrations and imagery, and are now expanding to include shirts, jewelry and other items!

How Can You Support DefCan?

Please check out our storefront and purchase some of our artwork to support the Deaf community, as well as learn more about how to communicate with Deaf people. We appreciate your patronage!