Calming Oil Roller


Everyone in our offices is in love with these amazing roller scents! They are made with essential oils and natural flowers, and scents are unisex. The rollers are pocket-sized and perfect for on the go. They work on you, on your clothes, or even on the couch (we’re not judging!) They were handmade by a Deaf woman. They will make you feel….. Calming, Blissful, and De-Stressed!


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Additional information


Blissful Magic- cinnamon, lemon, maple, tea tree, apple, Relax -Flower: Chamomile Essential oils: Vetiver, Rose, Lavender, Jasmine, Basil and Bergamot., Jasmine Orange -flower: Jasmine Essential oil: Orange, Good Mood – Flower: chamomile Essential oils: lavender, clary sage, Cypress, lemongrass, Vanilla- Eucalyptus with chamomile flowers, Rosemary- along with couple drops of Vetiver and Rose, and chamomile flowers, Lavender- Jasmine flowers, Warming & energizing – cinnamon, orange, cardamom, clove and ginger, Rose Petals – rose with real rose petals, Vanilla Gomphrena Globosa – Pink Gomphrena Globosa