Geranium – Jumbo Bath Bomb


These awesome bath bombs were handmade by a Deaf Latino woman. You get one jumbo bath bomb (6cm wide) with this purchase. This bad boy is good for three to five baths. Support our Deaf makers! #DeafTalent. They smell amazing, with a variety of scents, using natural oils: Scent: Geranium essential oils with wild flowers. Some alternative uses for the bombs:

1. Car air freshener – This is great. Just put some bath bombs under your seat, and you’ll have a fresh smelling car all the time.

2. Freshen up your clothes – For this, I simply put a few bath bombs in my closet, sock drawer, and underwear drawer for divine smelling clothing.

3. Instant aromatherapy for your house – This one requires a little more creativity. Simply place a bath bomb in a pot of water and allow it to simmer on the stove. It will fill your entire house with pleasant aromas.

4. Foot bath – Now this is easy. Just drop a bath bomb, or half of a bath bomb, into a foot soak or bucket, and allow the oils to gently moisturize your feet.

5. Shoe deodorizer – Pretty simple: place a bath bomb in each shoe and kiss those funky-smelling shoes goodbye!

6. Air and fabric freshener – Allow a bath bomb to dissolve in a cup of water, place the water in a spritzer bottle, and bam! Instant febreeze!

7. Shower Bomb! Just drop a bath bomb or half of a bath bomb in the shower. When the water hits it, it will start to dissolve and release those wonderful scents for some instant aromatherapy!

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