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Taurus Bath Bombs


Handmade by a Deaf woman

It’s all about Taurus! This sacred soak crystal infused bath bomb is a luscious blend of organic safflower oil, mineral dead sea salt, activated charcoal, jasmine essential oil, dried mugwort leaves and embedded with a beautiful clear quartz. Sink into a deeply relaxed bath to create an amazingly soothing self-care bath ritual.

Taurus’ scent – Jasmine

Taurus’ crystal – Clear Quartz

Taurus’ color – Green

Because this is a handmade product, design, and color may vary from bomb to bomb.

*For best results, please use bath bombs in a clean bathtub. These products are hand-painted with cosmetic grade colorants which can stick to existing soap scum and oils that may already exist on your tub. These products will not stain your tub. If colorant residue is present after bath, simply use your favorite “magic” eraser, cleaner, or rubbing alcohol to remove.

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