Ordering Questions

What do I need to provide in order to receive my order?

You must provide valid ID. For our new awesome customers, we require our driver to take a photo of your ID for your safety and the protection of your acccount. If you cannot provide ID, your order will be refunded minus a $5 delivery attempt. We also may also ask you to show your credit card which matches the order. We do this to protect you from fraud. Your information is confidential and protected at all times. If you would like to cancel your order without the $5 charge, please contact customer support a minimum of 90 minutes before your delivery window.

I’d like to get more than one item, is there a discount?

Of course! Yes, we do discount for bulk purchases! Just add the items to your cart, and you’ll see the discount amount appear when you check out. You can buy up to 6 items at one time.

I can't check out! Help!

If you are having issues making an order, please try using a laptop/desktop or a different browser. Sometimes it helps to order directly from the website, with a credit card.  Be sure to double check and make sure your billing zip code and CVC (on the back of the card) number is correct. If the credit card is not working, you can use Amazon checkout with the login button on bottom of checkout page. You also need to be logged into your Amazon account first.

If you are getting a message saying “No Shipping Method” that means that you have picked a shipping address which is not within the DC city limits. Your billing address should match your card billing address (which can be anywhere in the US) but your shipping address must have a zip code within the DC city limits.

Thank you for your patience.

How long does it take to get my order?

You will be able to choose your own delivery window when you place your order. . You must request delivery a minimum of 60 minutes ahead of your desired window. Deliveries are guaranteed within 48 hours. However, if your schedule does not permit us to meet this guarantee, we will deliver as soon as you are available.

Delivery Questions

So... how does delivery work?

We do not deliver at specific times, but within the given windows. Your awesome driver will text you at the beginning of the time window with an ETA and link you can use to track your delivery.

If you are not ready within 10 minutes of your driver’s arrival, the delivery will be rescheduled. An additional fee will be incurred for redelivery.

Where do you deliver?

In general, we will deliver within the District of Columbia, with the exception of federal property, school/university property, day care centers, public swimming pools, playgrounds, video arcades, youth centers, public libraries, or in and around public housing.

Delivery ETA & Contacting Drivers

Please be aware that the ETA link that you receive from your awesome driver is not always reliable – technology is a blessing but can be a curse. Our drivers may be faster or slower against the ETA’s guesstimates – due to traffic, limited network connection, or other factors. We will do our best to communicate updates to you. Be aware that since our drivers are Deaf, they will not be able to respond to you while driving. In addition, our drivers have no authority to solve problems or concerns. Please get in touch with our customer service agents via chat or support ticket. Thank you!

Can I give cash tips instead?

No. For safety and security purposes, all DefCan contracted drivers are instructed not to take cash tips or carry cash with them on deliveries. If you wish to tip a driver, please add it while you make your orders on DefCan. All tips are collected and distributed evenly to drivers and support staff for their respective shifts.

Why am I charged for re-delivery?!

Quite simply, time is money. You are informed at the beginning of your delivery window of your driver’s estimated arrival time and your place in the queue. You will be notified again when your driver is approaching. This allows you plenty of time to be in the place you’ve designated. Drivers will wait a maximum of ten minutes to avoid impacting other customers and then they will need to continue their route.

You will have to contact customer service to reschedule, with a $5 surcharge per re-delivery attempt. If you’d like your order refunded instead, your order will be refunded minus $5 for the delivery attempt made.

Other Questions

My question isn't answered here....

Simply Contact Us here. Thanks!

So, I heard there’s a…. free gift that comes with the items that I purchase. Can you tell me more?

First and foremost, DefCan does not provide any free gifts or any additional items besides our limited edition artwork and apparel. Gifts should not be expected, and DefCan has no responsibility or liability regarding gifts. Any and all financial charges are for artwork or attire sold on our site.

However, our super-awesome friends over at the coop have free gifts for you! They’re donating these gifts in support of our mission of employing the Deaf community. They will contact you directly after your purchase from us, with a range of gifts to select from.

Where can I get more information about the DC Coop gifts?

As noted above, the DC Coop is unaffiliated with DefCan. 

The Coop donates on a daily basis, so gifts change often! We would suggest following the DC Coop’s Twitter account. They also have Instagram!

I had a problem with my order!

First, we apologize for not meeting your expectations. We strive to be nothing short of awesome for all of our customers. Unfortunately, our delivery drivers cannot help you with your order, so please don’t text or call them! They will not have answers for you. Our friendly Customer Support team will be happy to solve your concerns. Contact Us here. Thanks!